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The "black flag of jihad" as used by...

The “black flag of jihad” as used by various Islamic terrorist organizations (since the late 1990s) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our tolerant muslim friends tell us (when not engaged in dropping walls on homosexuals, or gang raping Western journalists), that Islam is the religion of peace,  that allah is a god of mercy and compassion, and muhammed was the greatest prophet.  I respectfully disagree, these are lies.

Islam is the greatest force of evil alive on the planet today.  It is the religion of the satanically controlled, and it is evident to everyone with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Of all the world religions, which ones advocate in scripture the taking of slaves, the oppression of women, and the murder of those who believe differently?  Take your time, but there’s only one.  islam.

Which religion of the world states that suicide is a good thing?

Which religion’s followers have a penchant for blowing up airplanes, themselves, and cowardly roadside IED’s because their god wants them to? (Which deity comes to mind when you imagine a being that approves of these actions?  The one I think of has horns.)

Which religion really likes beheadings on Youtube?

Which religion encourages fathers to kill their children if they are not pious enough?

Which religious adherents, while wearing blue jeans, and talking on their cell phones, loudly proclaim Israel and the United States (the two most powerful forces for world peace and prosperity in all of history) as the Lesser and Greater Satan?

In case any of these questions stumped you, the answer to all of them is islam.

Luckily though, our islamic friends are peaceful and tolerant.  Remember you don’t have to be beheaded or enslaved, you could always convert…

Islam the religion of pieces peace.

Some interesting articles from those who think Islam might not be a peaceful philosophy are listed below.




Global Terrorism Database:


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Jesus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just a quick post before I get to go to church.

I often think of the story in Luke where Christ’s followers went to the tomb carrying oils and spices.  These items were used in burial services for the dead.  Simple enough to understand if these same followers had no knowledge that Jesus would rise from the grave, the interesting thing is that they DID know he was to rise from the grave and it was in unbelief that they sought to attend his body.  To me this is a wonderful hope for those who struggle with doubts about Jesus.  If the people who witnessed His miracles in the flesh had a hard time believing in his resurrection, how much harder would it be for people 2000 years later?  To me it shows us that God understands our fallibility perfectly, I mean he had stationed an angel in the tomb to wait for the mourners!  If they were loved and saved in their imperfect belief how much more grace will God provide to us?  I struggled with doubts for many years, but upon reading and understanding this story I felt freed.  It is ok to question and seek, in fact I think it is encouraged.  God wants Hot or Cold in our feelings towards Him, and research and questioning is the only way to learn.  I just would like to thank God publicly for the life and death and resurrection of His son, so that I may be freed from the bondage of sin and saved unto eternal life!  HOW COOL IS THAT?

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I have posted this video twice before, and it is also under my media links, but it is an amazing video.  In fact today, I will post a few videos that are for inspiration.

From Billy Graham ministries.

Jossher700 from Youtube posted this video.

Also from Billy Graham ministries.

If these videos strike a chord in your heart and you would like to pray or talk with someone about coming to Christ, or even have any questions, please leave a comment, and I will personally respond as soon as I can.  Please consider this, as the state of the world is changing rapidly, and no one knows our allotted time on this Earth, we must remember that eternity is forever and peace can only come through Jesus Christ the Son of God who died on the cross and rose three days hence to wash our sins away from us give everlasting life.

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Marching locusts – sped up 6-fold. When the de...

Marching locusts – sped up 6-fold. When the density of locusts reaches a critical point, they march steadily together without direction reversals. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First Egypt, then Israel, now Madagascar.  In Madagascar they are calling the locust swarms “biblical” in size.  Check out the video on their site its amazing.

From the BBC below:

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Christians in America

Posted: March 28, 2013 in Bible, Christianity, Israel, Religion
"Give us Barabbas!" (from The Bible ...

“Give us Barabbas!” (from The Bible and its Story Taught by One Thousand Picture Lessons, 1910). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Barabbas was a man from the Bible, he was guilty of sedition, and murder.  He could be seen as a rebel leading an insurrection (a community organizer perhaps), and was loved by the people.  His name means Son of a man (as far as my non-Hebrew language skills can tell ((heck I barely speak English and its my natural language)).


I find it interesting that when Jesus was brought before Pilate, Pilate did not want him to die.  The choice was given to the people.  Execute the Son of Man who was guiltless, or the Son of A man who was guilty, and the activist walked free while innocence was nailed to a tree.


This tragedy opened the way for the greatest gift humanity ever received, eternal salvation.  The beauty of God’s plan was that He knew our fallibility and knew what we would do, and this seeming loss was the greatest victory ever won.


As we approach Easter, I believe we should prepare for an even greater victory.  The culmination of Good versus Evil.  As the world stands in awe once more, of a community organizer, of seditious and vain glorious leaders of rebellions, and of organized Evil that is (like Herod and Rome) in control of all aspects of life, we need to seriously attempt the Great Commandment to go and tell the greatest story ever told.


We need to remember to Matthew 18:35  So likewise shall my heavenly Father do also unto you, if ye from your hearts forgive not every one his brother their trespasses.









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Cross & Clouds

Cross & Clouds (Photo credit: John H Wright Photo)

True Easter

when pharisees and saducess
and men of might and valour
conspired with men to rob of men
of Him the glorious power

they spoke of plans
concocted schemes
and as a wolf devours
they nailed him up upon a  tree
at the third and darkened hour
they sought to block
The Rock with rock
from granite hewn a coffin womb

as sunlight turned the dark to day
some women went to mourn and pray
they went to roll the stone away
they went to sing and praise His name

and ere they neared the pitless tomb
Behold! Behold! There was no groom
in his place an angel sat
who spoke of things a simple fact

He Lives! He Lives!
The Son of God has Life!
Death He takes and Life He gives!
the end of fear and strife

For Jesus Christ has died for you
and risen three days hence
to take away your sins from you
so a new you may commence

by Sean Moore

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The Greatest Truth Redux

Posted: November 11, 2012 in Bible, Christianity, Religion



I saw this clip on YouTube and this guy is great.  Very funny Christian humor, and an unaccompanied song make this video well worth the time.

English: The Rice and Cotton, the symbol of fi...

English: The Rice and Cotton, the symbol of fifth principle of Pancasila: Social justice for the all of the people of Indonesia. Pancasila is Indonesian ideology. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A great opinion piece by JanMarkell entitled “When Social Justice Equals No Justice”.

Wnd reports:

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Forever is a very long time…