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True Easter

when pharisees and saducess
and men of might and valour
conspired with men to rob of men
of Him the glorious power

they spoke of plans
concocted schemes
and as a wolf devours
they nailed him up upon a  tree
at the third and darkened hour
they sought to block
The Rock with rock
from granite hewn a coffin womb

as sunlight turned the dark to day
some women went to mourn and pray
they went to roll the stone away
they went to sing and praise His name

and ere they neared the pitless tomb
Behold! Behold! There was no groom
in his place an angel sat
who spoke of things a simple fact

He Lives! He Lives!
The Son of God has Life!
Death He takes and Life He gives!
the end of fear and strife

For Jesus Christ has died for you
and risen three days hence
to take away your sins from you
so a new you may commence

by Sean Moore



We the enfeebled of the incited states of confusion, ordered to deform a more perfect union,
establish just Them, insure narcotic tranquility, provide for the common everything, promote
Welfare, and procure the dressings of Liberty to Them and Their posteriors, do profane and
demolish this Constitution of the United States of America.

by Sean Moore


a come down world view from on high

playing in the sand
with paper tigers
a bear with many tentacles
red everywhere
in the skies
clouds streaming down
hispeed downsload online power lines
pavement-red trees ripe for slicing
and many motored mobiles moving
i see these incessant seas of disease
in roving throes of twos and threes
drunken eyes of manned machines
madness is sporadic maelstroms
tornadic hail storms whispering
lightning peals
of eclectic ills
the meek willed and weak be killed
the party’s all in pink
its all happening
its happening now
this Eden scene reality
happy masses spending spree
breeds palmistry lost honesty
espirit de corps in manistry
the trenchmouth of a diarrhetic mind
the media of waste and waists
culture crowd
cry crass and proud
there is nothing reprobate
WE are all there is to hate
we’ve lost our sense in satin sets of
scents and sins in suddenness

now is the beginning of then
love is the beginning of fears
time is the beginning of when
hate is the start of smears

i am forever tears
and woodwind promises
singing softly
sighing what seaweed sees
screaming as seaweed streams
strings of steaming
arty-choked minds
and children dreaming
brain washed carbon cycles
power washed spirochetes
imminent demise by sunrise
Media theatrics of medium minds
like mediums find
gallows galvanizing
Gallup Polls as Mesmer  rising

truth is news
but the news aint truth
and that aint news
but it is the truth

rude uncouth pursueth youth
to chase the shadows backward
progressive eye
see no wrong
shame is yet a choice
silence none
let us sing
but only in one voice
our world’s a stage
of  gilded age
a rounded cage of ageless rage
and HIStory is a sexist word
a reckless neckless Texas word
afraid of path ahead of us
afraid of rain bloodstained with rust
afraid of pain for there is gain
enflamed estranged defamed with trust
be shamed be shamed be shamed
we must
i’ll work me up
till i explode
a goldenrod that never glowed
a farmer whom has never sowed
i’ll toe a line hence never toed
in dirt the truth is never soiled
in earth its known and never spoiled
in trees with leaves it breathes unseen
the breezes that will never leave us
if Jesus pleases may it seize us
all consuming never leave us
please O God may it never leave us
and only then
can it free us

by Sean Moore


Incanto In Furnace by Daunting Allegory

Aeneas crept into the depths
of the underground, upright
he stepped
as dead roses pressed
and she wept
in the pit
where shadows slept
as bellows sing
so readily
below those mourning bells that ring
‘neath the death of Spring
from the breath we breathe
of departed greed
ennui ennui ennui I scream
wake up! this hell is not a dream
and all is eaten as it feeds
and everything is as it seems
and everything is vanity
as Ashteroth to Easter bleeds
calamitous insanity
the bedlam that Pandora breeds
and Neptune drowned himself in seas
abysmal king of dead seaweeds
the pit is dank and dark and deep
and filled with those of restless sleep
and as the riddle of the Sphinx
shows that time is entropy
just as chains are naught but links
our DNA, life’s tapestry
unweaves itself unto deceit
stranding us in furnace heat
like the Rich Man full of thirst
as is the last so was the first

by Sean Moore


organized chaos

polydactyl fractals
and digital manipulation
like “fat fingers”
pushing “astroturf” clods
and “usefull idiots” onto the street
into the traffic
goose stepping in lockstep
against what they’re for
their prophets decrying profits
(historically elite)
the politburo oligarchy
with power
from the barrel of a gun
and needing Adam Smith
to eat
but oh well
what’s a few hundred million
between fiends?

by Sean Moore


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