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BRICS summit participants: Prime Minister of I...

BRICS summit participants: Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh, President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, President of China Hu Jintao, President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff, President of South Africa Jacob Zuma. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

BRIC, the nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa are creating a development bank to compete against the World Bank.  This does not appear too troubling at first, but based on reports I have heard in the last few years, this is the first step in replacing the dollar as the internationally traded currency for oil.  Brazil was the first country to abandon the dollar for oil, paying Iran in gold.  When and if this transition away from the dollar occurs we are looking at financial armageddon the likes of which has never been seen.   Its getting very real people.

CNBC reports on the BRIC bank below:

RT news covering Gold for Oil below:

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Description: Newspaper clipping USA, Woodrow W...

Description: Newspaper clipping USA, Woodrow Wilson signs creation of the Federal Reserve. Source: Date: 24 December 1913 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With infinite Quantitative Easement keeping our interest rates artificially low, and the recent overblown hyperbole about sequestration keeping our blood pressure up (the only cuts were in the rate of increase of FUTURE spending), one could wonder why the stock market hit an all time high yesterday.  Let me give you a hint, it has to do with more government meddling in the free market, namely the Federal Reserve pumping cash into the system at a break neck speed.  This news came on the heels of reports of Fortune 500 CEO’s dumping their American Stocks….such as Warren Buffet, Jim Balsillie (Blackberry), John Paulson, and George Soros.  The best explanation I have read so far is from Roy Harris and is here. Whatever is occurring behind the scenes right now, Jim Cramer from CNBC said it best “we all know it’s going to end badly, but in the meantime we can make some money”

From USA Today:–quantitative-easing/1963539/


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Official portrait of United States House Speak...

Official portrait of United States House Speaker (R-Ohio). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In an oh so unsurprising reversal, the weak kneed and lilly-willed speaker of the house John Boehner said on Thursday that the repeal of Obamacare would no longer be his mission.  They will not repeal Obamacare, they never intended to.

From Reuters:

The tax that is not a tax, that was passed by the Supreme Court illegally (a tax must originate in the house), under the farce of the interstate commerce…

Well, to put it bluntly, this is what you are looking forward to:

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Us debt per American under 18 years of age is $218,676.00

From CNS news:

4 Yrs at Private College = $130,468; Median-Priced Existing Home = $173,100; U.S. Debt Per American Under 18 = $218,676 |

You decide what this means…

From a Youtube clip of a cnn interview

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From the 9/12 Project: A video on Agenda 21.





9/12 Project site here:

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English: Sarah Palin speaking at a rally in El...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sarah Palin is somewhere, and I bet she’s gloating.  What we were told was crazy, uneducated, right wing rhetoric, appears to be occurring before our eyes; it’s just not called a death panel.  It’s called “rationing”.  Sounds great huh?


New York Times, Saturday.  The Op-Ed piece by Steven Rattner, click below:




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The Economy

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Business/Economy, Current Events
Seal of the United States Federal Reserve Syst...

Seal of the United States Federal Reserve System. The seal has most of the elements of the Board of Governors seal. A version is printed on all U.S. Federal Reserve Notes redesigned since 1996 (replacing the letter of the bank which printed the note, which was used in earlier designs). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Federal Reserve is buying nearly all of the United States’ deficit through its Quantitative Easing program (QE1, Qe2, and now QE Infinity).  Economists are worried because of the scarce room to maneuver in case of an another unforeseen crisis.

CNBC reports:

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English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Prot...

English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Federal regulations and ongoing Obamacare regulations are estimated to cost $1.8 Trillion dollars annually, up from the administration’s estimated $88 Billion dollars.

The Examiner reports below:

As a reminder $1.8 Trillion is about 1/8 the current National Debt for all time, and this is to be spent EVERY YEAR.

Our Debt Clock:

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