Ted Turner Says “It’s Good” that US Soldiers Commit Suicide

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Business/Economy, Current Events, Election 2012, Miscellany, News, Politics

You decide what this means…

From a Youtube clip of a cnn interview

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  1. black3actual says:

    If there was ever a case for retro-active abortion, Ted Turner just made it — FOR HIMSELF!

  2. Obviously, he is not of sound mind…………..he was married to Jane Fonda for cryin out loud!

  3. I seeeee what you mean!

    Yes, an infuriating, jackass, of a fool, and obviously the exemplification of a “liberal”, “deadender”. And as clueless as they come.

    People are NOT “programmed” to love each other and sing kumbaya– which is something this fool will never understand (until it’s too late). If he were capable of understanding he would know people aren’t “programed” but born SINNERS with a sin nature in control – pleasing itself with everything available ….. and some sinner desiring power over other people. But, those who are willfully blind, can never see. They pontificate and exclaim how smart they are, when they know nothing.

    Maybe he should glorify is statement with a little suicide and leave his wealth to whats-her-face. Poor, pathetic fool that he is. And obviously, as with most Liberals, he has NO SHAME.

  4. Utah says:

    I’m going to reblog this…

  5. Utah says:

    Reblogged this on The Rio Norte Line and commented:
    Ted Turner is a moron.

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