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English: The Rice and Cotton, the symbol of fifth principle of Pancasila: Social justice for the all of the people of Indonesia. Pancasila is Indonesian ideology. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A great opinion piece by JanMarkell entitled “When Social Justice Equals No Justice”.

Wnd reports:

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In these days of strife and confusion, there is only one light shining in the darkness.





With the recent talk of Mormonism flashing through the airwaves, I thought it might be fair to spend some time reexamining Black Liberation Theology and Collective Salvation, both of which are doctrines that help define our president’s form of Christianity.

As a twenty-plus-year member of the controversial Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s  Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC), in Chicago, who claims to have never heard Wright’s controversial rhetoric, President Obama is now the recipient of spiritual counsel from the controversial Jim Wallis.  That’s a lot of controversy.

A 1995 Interview with Obama on Rev. Wright on Youtube:

Jim Wallis, according to his wikkipedia file, was a member of SDS as a young man (the 60’s student radical organization) before attending Trinity Evangelical Divinity School,  in Deerfield, Illinois.  Wallis went on to help create the organization Sojourners.  The article states: “The journal Sojourners originated in Deerfield, Illinois as The Post American in 1971.”  Post-American, hmm,  meaning after-American, interesting.

See the Wiki yourself at:

Both men teach a form of Marxist Christianity that is known as Liberation Theology.  Liberation Theology was started in the 1960’s, and is principally attributed to Reverend Gustavo Gutierrez from Peru, and Reverend James Cone. It was a mixing of collectivism (Marxism) and the Bible.

A few quotes from Rev. Gutierrez in his book “A Liberation Theology” published in 1971.

“The God of Exodus is the God of history and of political liberation more than he is the God of nature.”
―Gustavo Gutierrez , A Liberation Theology

“The Exodus from Egypt, the home of sacred monarchy, reinforces this idea [desacralization of creation]: it is the ‘desacralization’ of social praxis. . . . In Egypt, work is alienated and, far from building a just society, contributes rather to increasing injustice and to widening the gap between exploiters and exploited.”
―Gustavo Gutierrez , A Liberation Theology

“Man is saved if he opens himself to God and to others, even if he is not clearly aware that he is doing so. This is valid for Christians and non-Christians alike — for all people. . . . We can no longer speak properly of a profane world. A qualitative and intensive approach replaces a quantitative and extensive one.”
―Gustavo Gutierrez , A Liberation Theology

Here’s an article from with a link to pretty good video on the history of  Liberation Theology.


Couple these ideas with the President’s own words on collective salvation, and the result is a chilling misinterpretation of the Bible, one predicated around the denial of Jesus’ blood as sufficient payment for our sins.  Collective salvation implies that Heaven is here on Earth and that Man is ultimately the only one who can create Heaven.  This is Nimrod’s humanism and we are watching a tower being built.

Watch the YouTube Video:

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