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We get it, you were there…

Posted: February 28, 2013 in Humor, Miscellany
English: A tie-die design, created with GIMP.

English: A tie-die design, created with GIMP. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To the Sixties generation from generation X,

I would like to thank you for the amazing and completely noteworthy accomplishments that you managed to affect in your much talked, about much filmed about, much sang about, formative years.

I love that you gave my generation the ability to pick and choose our reality, and taught us that right and wrong really don’t mean what they say.  And you made us intelligenter with your top notch communal teaching methods and warm and fuzzy lack of standards.  We’ve learned from you guys that in order to not be racist we need to treat everyone differently based on their race ( a double hat tip on that one, really cleared things up for us).  We’ve learned that being poor is a “condition”, and that there is only so much money to go around which is not a really naive and little kid like perspective devoid of any attachment to the visible world, by the way.

What I admire the most about the Sixties Generation was their take charge attitude, and complete the mission mentality.  There was no bureaucratic red tape in Albany that could have stopped you all from stripping naked to dance, defecate, and fornicate in the mud in front of crowds of children, women, and men.  It takes a special je nais se qua for a grown men and women to defecate out in the open at a rock concert, and thank you for teaching us that.  No wonder we’ve looked up so adoringly at your generation as role models (although we call your parents the Greatest Generation…I bet that doesn’t mean anything).

And thank you so much for spending all of the money on your watch.  That is why I sleep soundly at night secure in my children’s future.  I really appreciate you guys taking the extra mile, you deserved it for all of your hard work.

Unfortunately I can’t thank everyone in your generation.  There were some throwbacks, like my parents, who tried to do things the right old fashioned way, but luckily emotion prevailed over reason and the hippies won out.

Thanks oodles, I would write more and more gushing adulations if I had the time but I’m late for my benefitless, part time, minimum wage job, that I have to walk to because I can’t afford the gas.


Generation X


P.S: Could you please stop with the continuous onslaught of movies, clothes, music, and books about how cool the sixties were?  It makes all of us young people who are trying to eat angry we cant afford to watch, wear, listen or read to any of it…

P.P.S: We get it….   You had to be there…

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I saw this clip on YouTube and this guy is great.  Very funny Christian humor, and an unaccompanied song make this video well worth the time.