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CALL TO ACTION! Help Us UNDO NDAA By Petitioni...

CALL TO ACTION! Help Us UNDO NDAA By Petitioning Your State Supreme Court For A Protective Writ of Habeus Corpus Like This One (Photo credit: watchingfrogsboil)

With nary a whisper we watched as the Patriot Act was passed, and law enforcement became a law unto itself.  We said nothing when the president told us he could assassinate terrorists over seas via drone strike and through personal fiat.  We scoffed when NDAA 2012 was passed allowing the government to arrest and detain US citizens without trial and detain them indefinitely.  Now we have one man speaking out (Rand Paul), because we now know that the president can use fiat to direct a drone to kill a US citizen on US soil, without charges, trial, or a defense.

Disturbing to say the least, but add to that the fact the Department of Homeland Security has several papers and reports classifying the NEW terrorist threat to American citizens… as American citizens, especially conservative American citizens, and it becomes more worrisome.

With Eric Holder (a drone in and of himself) admitting the possibility of a drone strike over American soil, and working overtime to take guns from average citizens, one wonders why the DHS has built a fleet of Predator B drones that can track cell phone signals and detect whether an individual has a concealed weapon.

As a side note, did you know that visiting certain websites can put you on a list of radical extremists?  But then again, so can asking for your 4th amendment right at an airport.  What about the DHS report that called the Tea Party a “threat”, but the Occupy Wall Street crowd were called “peaceful protesters”.  What side do you think the government believes you are on?  If you like freedom and liberty then you are a radical extremist, but if you want tyrannical control consolidated in the hands of single proletariat revolutionary leader then you might work for MSNBC and are ok in the government’s eyes.

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