Death By A Thousand Cuts

Posted: April 17, 2013 in Current Events, News
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Death by a Thousand Cuts (book)

Death by a Thousand Cuts (book) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After evaluating what information I could about the Boston Marathon Bombing, and hearing about the spate of Ricin laced letters that have been mailed to a US Senator and the President, my mind went back to an article from World Net Daily.  The article quoted a  senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander who warned Europe and the United States that al-Qaida operatives would be striking soon.

Senator Wicker has been outspoken about stopping Iran’s nuclear program and strengthening sanctions against Iran and members of the Revolutionary Guard.

Foreign Policy:

Yahoo News:–politics.html

Washington Post:

I am wondering if we are entering a phase of a death by a thousand cuts. Smaller more frequent, harder to investigate, acts of terror.  It has been stated that even the largest dog could be driven mad by a flea.  Pray for our leaders, and our servicemen and women.

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