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Posted: April 10, 2013 in Miscellany, Politics
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English: A cardboard ballot box used during th...

English: A cardboard ballot box used during the first federal vote in Washington. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It seems that the most common phrase I hear when discussing the state of our country is along the lines of “well what can I do about it?”, always accompanied with a shamed shoulder shrug and the slightly stale stench of chargrin.  It is infuriating, especially because I do not have an adequate response to give. So I propose we formulate a response as a community.  What CAN we do to defend our principles and our way of life?


1.  We vote with our every action.  Vote with your dollar, as well as at the ballot box.  Vote with your television remote and refrain from channels you oppose (not one cent of marketing money from my box to theirs!).  Look for Brand names that endorse what you endorse and buy them if even at more cost.  Boycott other companies with whom you disagree.  It’s called the Free Market, we should check it out before it is only a mention in the History books.


2. Write your governing authorities like a Chicagoan votes, early and often.  Let them know how you feel about things and what you would like to see happen.  Use things like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus to write open ended letters.


3. Write real physical letters in envelopes with stamps.  I am vaguely aware of this process that was once known as the “poe knee ixpris” and have read that it may still be used today.


4. Sponsor success.  Encourage and help reward those who are doing what you cannot.  A young man or woman who is responsible should be rewarded and helped upwards if at all possible.  Whatever authority you have in your life is yours to be wielded and well used.  Help out the next gen.


5. Develop a long memory.  Let nothing slide, from politicians, or from media sources and hold them accountable.


6. Phone calls and phone call campaigns, we need the gossip network to get engaged and show CNN a thing or two about how quickly news can be spread.  🙂


7. Church Church Church


8. Prayer Prayer Prayer


9. Fasting Fasting Fasting


10. Volunteer someplace you could be helpful.


Please post some more ideas if you have any.  I’ll add the ideas as we get them!


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  1. tiffany267 says:


    I want to like you. But…omg. just no.

    Church? Prayer? Seriously?

    How DARE you.

    • saneromeo says:

      Well I’d say prayer is way more important than church, but i think a church is just a body of people trying to serve God. No offense intended, its helped me though fwiw.

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