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This article will be updated and reposted as I gather information.  This topic is gaining traction in all 50 states because at its core it seeks to divide the parent from the child in all things educational.  It is a federal/global guideline established without oversight and being implented without parental discretion, while at the same time they change the FERPA laws to diminish child privacy rights and seek to monitor every aspect of our children in order to “help them” find their place in society. From the Common Core State Standards Initiative, this is a link to proposed new standards.

Common Core Curriculum is a new set of learning standards for kindergarten through high school that have been implemented with alarming speed and without proper oversight, and testing.  It is Federal in scope, and all 50 states will be using the same set of standards.

The Wikkipedia entry is linked here.

As I research I find myself more and more confounded.  What is the proper approach to education?  I have very little formal education myself, so I have no basis to argue statistics and studies which can be manipulated any which way.  I must rely on common sense, as I try and teach myself some of the history of the philosophy of education.  I keep coming back to the name John Dewey, and how he was pivotal in the formation of our modern education system.


ccssi-introduction Common Core State Standards Initiative Introduction in PDF form.

CCSSI_ELA Standards Common Core State Standards Initiative -The Standards in PDF form.

CCSSI_Math Standards

OET-Draft-Grit-Report-2-17-13  This is the draft report from the department of education website.

Common-Core-Facts-and-Response-to-NRO (obtained from the “The research was assembled by American Principles project and Beck’s research team.”

News Stories

The Blaze has done extensive research on this topic.  I will list a few stories they have posted.

Links to Other Websites

Common Core

Common Core Daily

Danette Clark

Michelle Malkin

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