America, Pull Your Head out of your (D)onkey

Posted: March 27, 2013 in Current Events, Miscellany, News
Democrat Donkey Health

Democrat Donkey Health (Photo credit:

Good news.  The Senate voted two days ago to not join the UN Gun Ban.  Bad news, we only won by 6 votes and 1 no vote.  The Hill has the story below:

Yet, as the government strives to take the citizen’s only form of self defense against tyranny, they arm themselves to the teeth and refuse to answer questions as to why.   The Department of Homeland Security (how Orwellian) has purchased over 2 BILLION rounds of ammuntion (over 6 bullets apiece for EVERY American) a large percentage of which are hollow point rounds, which are illegal in warfare according to the Geneva Convention.  Prison Planet tells the story below:

Lt. Gen William G. Boykin tells World Net Daily that the United States is actively completing the six stages of a socialist takeover.  Boykin was one of the first members of Delta force, taught Green Berets, and is now executive vice president of the Family Research Council.  Read WND below:

The Blaze is reporting that members of the muslim Brotherhood have turned an Egyptian mosque into a torture chamber for Christians and dissidents.  (We keep giving them billions, tanks, copters, weapons…).  Story below:

The Associated Press reports that China is performing landing exercises in disputed territory. Read Below.

North Korea, after abandoning the armistice, has cut all channels with South Korea because war could break out “at any moment” (they also have promised a preemptive nuclear strike on United States Soil).  Yahoo News reports below:

And this is just a teeny tiny sampling of the collapse of Western Civilization, yet here we are wasting our time and energy as a country trying to decide the IMPORTANT matters (cough cough), like gay marriage, and when its ok to kill babies, why muslims are fine and Christians are bigots, and why the establishment Republicans (i.e; wolves in sheep’s clothing) sound more and more like our Marxist in Chief and can’t seem to keep conservatives happy.

Wake up my neighbors, friends and loved ones (which includes all of you), we are a juncture in history that requires action.  Our actions and INACTIONS will all have to be answered for one day.



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