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The Left’s deffinition of science is something you can’t understand, but something Al Gore can…Go figure.

Watts Up With That?

People send me stuff.

Readers may recall this story: Al Gore denied film footage rights by an Australian filmmaker where Mr. Gore sought the broadcast rights to a “fire tornado” footage shot during a wildfire near Alice Springs Australia for use in his upcoming “dirty weather report” aka 24 hours of Tabloid Climatology™.

The Australian wrote about how the filmmaker said ‘no’ then:


Al Gore denied firestorm footage | The Australian

A WEATHER expert has backed the stance of an Alice Springs filmmaker who refused to sell footage of a firestorm to former US vice-president Al Gore — to use in Mr Gore’s climate presentations — because the event was unrelated to climate change.

In an email exchange with Mr Gore’s office, Tangey said using the footage in a climate-change framework would be ‘deliberately deceptive’

“I am aware that you may have missed the reporting on the very…

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