Atlas Must Shrug

Posted: November 7, 2012 in Miscellany

We are at an impasse as a country.  Those that take and do not give now outnumber the producers.  From this moment on, the number of producers will get smaller (never larger) and the number of looters will get larger (and never smaller) unless drastic actions are taken immediately.  I believe that Ayn Rand was correct, Atlas Must Shrug!   Only when the producers stop producing is it possible for the takers to stop taking, and only then because there is nothing left to take.  Yes, we must necessarily suffer.  A cancer patient must suffer through chemotherapy in order to destroy the cancer and be alive at the end of treatment.  So must we.  I am proposing a general strike, that does not lift until redistributive policies are overturned.  Shopkeeps must close their doors, doctors and pilots must call in sick, nurses and teachers, police officers and military individuals all must bond together and realize that 1 producer is worth 10 looters in every instance except elections…

And pray.  For our leaders, for our country, for our world, and for tomorrow.

  1. I wish I felt hopeful, but I’m afraid America has seen her greatest days, as the lazy, ignorant and downright stupid take from those who work. We have the Democrat Party to thank for our destruction.

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