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Great post from a great site I follow

The Rio Norte Line

NY Times:
Warrior in Chief

THE president who won the Nobel Peace Prize less than nine months after his inauguration has turned out to be one of the most militarily aggressive American leaders in decades.

Military Ops in Qatar Point to Possible November Surprise

On Oct 21, I had a post based on leads breaking out of the Middle East which indicated Obama may be planning a November surprise. And recent actions in Qatar are shining a light on that possibility once again.

Romney is not the warmonger in this race, OBAMA IS! Here are a few things you may not be aware of. They have been reported – quietly. It’s just that the media is biased to the Left, so they do not make nearly as much noise about U.S. military involvement when a Democrat does it as they would were the President a Republican.
Assuming you are aware that…

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