Journal 10.2.12

Posted: October 2, 2012 in Miscellany, Politics
English: A brass relief of George Washington k...

English: A brass relief of George Washington kneeling in prayer at Federal Hall in New York City. WASHINGTON AT VALLEY FORGE PRESENTED-BY-LAFAYETTE-POST-NO.-140-DEPARTMENT-OF-NEW-YORK-C.A.R. FEBRUARY 22nd, 1907. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This blog started because I was tired of telling off my television and feeling helpless about the changing tides of society.  I did not want the future I saw being constructed for the children in my life.  I envisioned them as adults, comprehending fully what our generations had wrought upon them.  I need to be able to tell them that I fought it as hard as I could.  So I started this blog and its almost a month old.  I make no money and I’m sure I make even less sense sometimes, but I am doing this because I am passionate in the ideal of America.

My largest problem has been understanding what there is that I can do besides talk to myself in the nether realm of digital reality.  I truly believe that for America to change Americans have to change.  So I contact my Congresspeople, my Senators, the Governor.  I sign petitions.  I pray.  I try to learn more and stay current on the real topics of the day.  Now, I am trying to motivate, because there is a way.  We don’t have to implode as a nation, nor as individuals.

There is a way to fight the trends that be, and our Founders gave it to us.  They gave us a vote. We are able to oppose wrongful ideas with it.  We vote on election day, and we vote with our dollars and our actions.  We have the Free Market, and Free Speech.  No one makes us feed the Main Stream Media with our clicks, and our time spent browsing, no one forces attendance in theaters to fund a Hollywood that openly detests its patrons.  These are votes that we make unawares.  We watch the sitcoms on ABC, NBC, and CBS because they are well made, and forget that they are funding the propaganda wing of our nation’s destruction.  There are countless examples, and I am more guilty than most, but I wonder what would happen if the Media threw a Channel and no one came?


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  1. You’re right, of course. It’s almost shocking how many people are just uniformed, but don’t care if they are or not. I must believe we are the USA and that won’t change, the government doesn’t lie to the people and we have no radical communist wish to change the country. Too many who can’t or won’t believe what Obama is — and a God they don’t have time to bother with since they must keep up with Tweet and FB.
    It’s scary, tiring but not unexpected.
    May God have mercy on American, his children and lead the way into the future.

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