Liberal-Speak Dictionary Page Added

Posted: September 26, 2012 in Miscellany

Dictionary (Photo credit: enter)

I thought it would be fun to compile a dictionary of liberal speech translated for conservatives, so I added a page.

Just start posting your ideas in the comments here or go to the page.  Have Fun!


Beliefs = (Examples of) capital punishment is bad, abortion is good; gas, coal, and nuclear are bad, electricity is good; privacy in union voting is bad, finding an invisible privacy clause in the Constitution is good; finding ANY invisible clause in the Constitution is good; Republicans are not tolerated; Guns kill people and without them there would be no war or murder; Republicans are to be exterminated;

Democrats = Free minded rebels, accepting of everything, daring to think for themselves with a strong devotion to Politics

Fair = You guys should share; I helped build that; you have more money than me so I’ll take some (yet who has more time and can they be forced to share that?);

Left Wing Media = The entertainment system in a democrat’s mansion;

Politics = politburo The Party Line; might makes right is bad but mob rule is good; do as we say not as we do

Religion = “the opiate of the masses”, divided into peaceful Islam and bigoted angry colonial zionists, or the only one of them that might be true… Scientology

Republicans = Intolerant-homophobic-fat-rich-white-religious-zealot-mysogynistic-bigots, with the IQ of someone who thought you spelled potato with an e; Scooby Doo Villains to be confounded by “those crazy kids”

Right Wing Media = FOX NEWS! THE *&*#!s, (who donated $380k to Obama and $32k to Romney?*),

Science = Something you wouldn’t understand; Something Al Gore would understand;

War = something to scream that Republicans wage on women; good chance to protest; a bump in the road;

World View = Google Earth;

* The Blaze

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