Free Speech, Hate Speech, or Controlled Speech?

Posted: September 15, 2012 in Current Events, News, Politics
The "black flag of jihad" as used by...

The “black flag of jihad” as used by various Islamic terrorist organizations (since the late 1990s) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Turkish Prime Minister has come out and said that insulting Islam cannot be considered free speech.  World Net Daily has the story below: by Zemanta

The Middle East is exploding in a brush fire of Anti-American angst and violence, at least four people are dead.

We are told that a “film” that was released months ago, comes to the attention of Jihadis on exactly September 11th, and causes simultaneous eruptions of violence in multiple countries.  This “film” is the only reason we are being attacked according to our President’s administration, and has nothing to do with Obama’s foreign policy, despite the fact that  protestors were chanting “We’re all Osama Obama!”

(See The Washington Post Story here)

The Main Stream Media is more interested in running cover for the Obama 2012 Election Campaign and demonizing Mitt Romney than in covering the story.

We are being misled.  This “film” is the perfect catalyst for a crisis between American/Western Countries, and Islamic Nations.  Timing the protests and attacks to occur on September Eleventh was guaranteed to inflame Americans, while picturing and mocking Mohamed was designed to inflame Muslim countries.

The timing of the crisis is interesting.  The week that both German and American banks opt for open ended debt purchasing and money printing, we find American and German embassies under attack.  These monetary policies are last ditch efforts to save the flagging western economies.  Then this “film” is “discovered”.

Israel and Iran are weeks away from a possible nuclear conflagration (if only one sided), with the United States already reported to have communicated with Iran about leaving the US out of any conflict with Israel.  Iranian and Egyptian intelligence agents were monitored in a meeting about a week ago, and Iran is hip deep in oil contracts with Russia and China.

But don’t worry, this is all about a 14 minute “film”.



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